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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What do the studies say about the effects of soaking in a bathtub …. ?

Answer: Water is nature’s healer. It has favourable effects on the skin and muscles. It calms the internal organs and the endocrine system while heat quiets and soothes the body. A soothing and relaxing bath can help counteract stress and its many effects on the body. Since ancient times, hot bath is used for relaxation and healing. It stimulates sweating and increases the elimination of toxins. One may use herbs, essential oils, aromatherapy, or salts to enhance the process. While soaking in a bath, one can read, meditate, and listen to peaceful music or just sit quietly and relax.

2. Is the blanket environmentally friendly?

Answer: Yes. In fact, the AQUAblanket is the only patent pending environmentally friendly bathtub blanket on the market.

3. How do you store the blanket?

Answer: You can store the blanket rolled up or folded with your towels. The foam has a memory and will always return to its original shape.

4. How do you clean the blanket?

Answer: Cleaning blanket is very easy. Because the blanket does not absorb water, all the possible dirt stays on the surface. After the bath just shake the water off the blanket and let air-dry. The material is such that it will not grow any bacteria on it. If you want to give the blanket really good wash, just wipe with hand and a soap then rinse. Check our video that demonstrates how easy it is to wash off even eye pencil drawing.