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Dear bath lover,

I don’t have to tell you about all the health and other benefits of taking a nice long soak in the bath. You already know what others are missing.

What I want to introduce to you is the AQUAblanket, especially the material that it is made of.

This material is of the highest quality in the world. The manufacturing process is very long and complex. It starts in Europe, continues in the USA and is finished in Canada. You would be surprised how many hands were involved in making sure that you receive the best product possible.

This is the only material that has not been made with the common technology that uses toxic gases and therefore it is absolutely safe for you. It is a patented material used in medical applications.

I hope that you will have a long, satisfactory experience with the AQUAblanket and would love to hear from you. Please, share with me your experiences, suggestions, comments, etc.

Maya Sinclaire
AQUAblanket Inc.